DISC Index Profile - Person Cannot View Results Version

Price Includes DISC Index Profile and DISC Coaching Supplement

  • Measures 4 DISC Dimensions: Decisive, Interactive, Stability and Cautious
  • Identical report only the person CANNOT VIEW RESULTS after taking assessment
  • Slight increase in price since we manually generate and email each report
  • We include a DISC Index Styles Coaching Supplement with all DISC orders
  • Report is emailed as a PDF document to the person who placed the order
  • Report is emailed 1-3 hours after assessment is completed during business hours
  • The DISC link to take the assessment will be issued on your receipt
  • Report prices are on per person and all assessments links will be on receipt
  • Simply copy and paste the link from the receipt and email to the participant
  • This can be an ideal option for recruiters, facilitators and team leaders
  • Click here to view a sample of this 22 page report: DISC Index Profile

Price $49.95